Photo Gallery
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Wendy with Peter

A weekend workshop
A weekend workshop
Annie Somerville, Executive Chef, Greens Restaurant

Fields of Greens workshop, Green Gulch Farm

Teaching Fields of Greens workshop with Annie Somerville
Students in the Edible Schoolyard

Wendy with schoolchildren at Green Gulch Farm

Wendy teaching at the Edible Schoolyard

Pruning at Green Gulch Farm

With schoolchildren at Green Gulch Farm

Espalier apples
Green Gulch Farm

Green Gulch garden

Flowers from the field

Sara Tashker, Farm Manager at Green Gulch

Outside the Zendo, Green Gulch Farm

Bringing in the pumpkins
Green Gulch fields
Manjusri Bodhisattva
The Green Gulch Kitchen

Garden Buddha

Green Gulch lettuce fields

Green Gulch Zendo

Thanksgiving Harvest, Green Gulch Zendo

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